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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  August 20, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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thus edition of "way too early". they made me put the jacket back on. good morning, everybody. it's august 20th. we also have tennis star maria sharapova trying to change her name. and perhaps another shark movie. i'll have that for you a little later in the cooler. but we begin with an update on the wildfires burning out of control in idaho. 100,000 acres have already been consumed and 10,000 homes are still threatened as strong winds are making the situation even more difficult. while 400 families have been you allowed to return home, 1800 other homes have been evacuated and 7,000 could have to be emptied at any moment. you can see in the pictures, there are posh resorts out here and the homes of celebrities
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like arnold sworchwarzenegger, bruce willis out there. dozens of other wildfires are burping in the west. bill karins will join us and update the conditions. turning to the latest in egypt, the daily beast is reporting the white house has secretly suspended military and economic aid to egypt, a sign the administration at least internally is treating the government takeover oas a coup. u.s. officials say the review is ongoing, but it should be pointed out that saudi arabia has said it will fill the void of any foreign aid that is cut. meanwhile a new survey by the pew research center finds 51% of americans think the u.s. should cut aid to egypt to put pressure on their government. however 26% say the u.s. should continue providing military support. the same survey found half of all americans believe president
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obama has not been tough enough in his response to this particular crisis. despite the violence, americans still believe the egyptian military is in the best position to provide the leadership to the troubled state. it's a messy situation. for more, let's go live to cairo. good morning, yousef. >> reporter: more uncertainty after the latest developments starting off with the arrest of the muslim brotherhood, they call him the supreme guide. 70 years old. he was detained in his residential apartment in the early hours of today. security forces were able to arrest him without any resistance and state television branded images and video footage showing his arrest and visibly tts vaut. now the muslim brotherhood has condemned the arrest and it is likely to fuel further protests from their end. keep in mind he was charged in
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july for inciting violence and we'll have to see how that trial continues to develop. also news of course on the possible release of former president mubarak. he is still pending a retrial on the failure to protect protesters in 2011. that is likely to keep him behind bars since it will add fuel to fire, stir emotions. the military can ill afford more tensions in this environment. so despite the claims by mubarak's lawyer, the experts that i speak to here on the ground agree that traditional authorities will take the steps necessary to at least prolong his detention to that trial because right now it's a very unsafe environment for further tensions. >> imagine what would happen if they let mubarak out of prison. thank you very much, yousef. in pakistan, former military ruler musharraf has formally
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been indicted for the alleged role in the as sassination of bhutto. he was read his charges in a local court. he made no comments, but through a lawyer denies the charges. bhutto was brutally murdered in a gun and suicide bomb attack after a rally in 2007. she had recently returned from exile. this is the first time any army chief in pakistan has been charged with a crime. musharraf seized power in a coup in 1999. back here in the u.s., beau biden now recovering after a previously unreported health scare last week. according to the department of justice, biden was hospitalized on wednesday after feeling weak and disoriented following a drive to a family vacation. he's the attorney general for the state of delaware and was hospitalized back in 2010 for what doctors described as a minor stroke. after spending the weekend at home, biden is now in houston
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for more testing. ted cruz no longer canadian. or is he? the republican senator from texas making certain that everyone knows he's an american citizen. he's actually so determined to convince the skeptics that he actually released his birth certificate and also said he would renounce his canadian citizenship if needed. now we can rest easy and we appreciate him for clearing that up for us. the editor of the guardian speaking out after the uk offices of the paper were ransacked by officials from britain's communications headquarters. that's basically the country's equivalent to the nsa. he described how officials destroyed hard drives in the basement of the guardian's office which contained information related to edward snowden's nsa leaks. he received warnings to stop reporting on the government surveillance programs as far as two months ago with officials telling him, quote, you've had
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your fun, now we want the stuff back, end quote. meanwhile guardian journalist glenn greenwald responding to his partner's nine hour detainment at heathrow airport vowing to get more aggressive in his focus on british surveillance programming adding that authorities will, quote, regret what they did. tough talk. a republican governor reportedly making a pretty shocking claim about president obama. the portland press herald is reporting maine governor paul lepage said the president hates white people and would be more successful if he erased his by racial heritage. it cites two sources. an adviser close to the governor says it is far fetched to make an insinuation lepage is a racist, but back in 2010, he remarked in a republican forum that he wouldn't be afraid to
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tell obama to go to hell and in 2011 he turned down an invitation to a naacp event saying the group could, quote, kiss my butt. and those are quotes. mayor filner was expected to be back in his office monday after spending some time away for inpatient behavior therapy. he reportedly met with city council leaders and lawyer gloria allred who represents several of his accusers. meanwhile dozens of supporters, that's right, supporters of filner rallied on his behalf welcoming his return and backing him as a pillar of the community and civil rights. some compared his treatment to mccarthyism and said his work outweighs the accusations. >> i am appalled at the attacks against mayor filner by elements of what i can only describe as pure vindictiveness on the part of his opponents. >> we will stand behind him. we ask him not to resign.
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due process means that a victim is tried in court. not in the media. not on the streets. they have the opportunity to prove themselves. and this will happen also for the accusers and the victims. >> also on monday, a local radio station paid to have sky writers display surrender bob over the city of san diego. of course 16 women have accused the mayor of unwanted advances. dick van dyke involved in a close call on the side of a los angeles highway. the 87-year-old actor's car was engulfed in flames. a good samaritan helped pull him from the car after seeing him slumped over and his wife tweeted van dyke was amazingly okay. and there is his car. wow. it's torched. she even tweeted -- that's a vine video of the car right there on the side of the l.a.
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highway. all right. business, we got business? all right. let's go to the break here. having some internal problems. before we go to break, though, we want to show you our caption contest for the day. we already have some great responses here. we just saw this and had to do it. from the world bag pipe championships. those are happy men in kilts. your imagination can run free. #way too happy. we'll put the best answers on the air later. and still ahead, a-rod taking a big swing at the yankees making serious charges and says he has the evidence to back it up. and the classic from the old show, prince bringing it back. why the musician is singing breakfast is back. my insurance rates are probably gonna double.
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high fever, confusion and stiff muscles or serious allergic skin reactions like blisters, peeling rash, hives, or mouth sores to address possible life-threatening conditions. talk about your alcohol use, liver disease and before you reduce or stop cymbalta. dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. take the next step. talk to your doctor. cymbalta can help. a quick check on business. investors hoping a happened full of earnings reports will break the longest losing streak of the year. yesterday they logged their fourth straight day of losses. largest monthly decline since 2012, may. steve sedgwick, were on you holiday for like a year and a half or something? where you been? >> it felt like it, i'll tell you. three kids driving me nuts.
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glad to get back to cnbc. but, yes, i missed a bit of this mini rout, but investors must not get too earned. we're still up 16% for the year on the s&p and this despite quantitative easing will be taken away and it's all about the tapering that people are nervous about. we think it will start in mid september. elsewhere the fed has found out 18 large banks are weak in at least one key capital area, all part of the stressors. they haven't named individual banks, but it's all about reporting modeling and stress testing the various economic calamities and all the banks have a bit of work to do on that. and elsewhere, the tesla model s scored so highly, it's more than five stars. five stars is the record you can get from the national highway traffic safety administration, but they have awarded it what would be equivalent to 5.4. and this is partly because doesn't have a gasoline engine which gives it a bigger crumble
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zone. back to you. >> so it's great mileage, great in crash tests. it's cool looking. by the way, so a lot of rumors about the new iphone announcement. so give us some details. >> well, this is all about you really. the rumors is. we think champagne will be the new color, gold or champagne. comes out where he think on september the 10th. we've heard all about two new models coming out, one being a lower priced model. but i think the fact that we'll have a gold or champagne color phone, that is the most exciting thing to happen to telephone this century. >> thank you very much, steve. welcome back. let's go to sports here. the battle between a-rod and the yankees continues to rage on. this time a-rod taking swings at the team doctor citing a source
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at a-rod's camp that rodriguez lawyers are prepare to go file a medical malpractice suit against him. the allegations from a-rod's camp is that the team doctor misdiagnosed his hip injury during last october's playoffs saying they have the evidence to prove it. let's go to the highlights. dodgers and marlins. jose fernandez will get the best of the dodgers puig. this is the battle for rookie of the year. he chases the high heat for strike three. top nine, dodgers trail with one last chance to get it done. fernandez gets his ninth win of the season. marli marlins beat the dodgers two in a row. as and mariners tied in the seventh. seattle justin smoak to right field. josh reddick gets up, boom. i mean, guy wasn't even running hard either. he thought he was coasting in. this is a great throw, but it's also just sloppy, sloppy third
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base coaching and running by the way. and still tied, brandon moss wins it, what a heck of a game. 400 feet. as walkoff against the mariners. they're a half game back of texas in the a.l. west. red sox, teeing off on tim lincecum. maybe he should grow the hair out again. giants struggling 4-0 after the fifth inning. top nine, red sox up seven. watch this. ball girl helping boston. you never go after a foul ball that's in the air in foul territory because it could be an out. nice catch by the way. she was sorry. she felt bad. she was embarrassed. giants got routed. maria sharapova getting her name back in the news. she tried to change her name to sugar pova.
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a bit of a marketing stretch help to go promote her candy company. she plans to change her name back afterwards. she's the world's top earning female athlete. the open gets started on monday. love the u.s. open. hopefully we'll have some hot, no rain at night. >> yeah, they don't have any covered stadium. thinking about building one. weather should be all right. doesn't look like anything bad down the road. that's been the agayis guest ov last month. we're in the 80s finally in the northeast. it's been cool for a long time. showers and storms in the southeast. we'd like to see areas like atlanta dry it out, although we'll still have a chance of a few storms down there. atlanta today about 83 or so. and it will be kind of hot as we go throughout the days ahead. could get to 90 by the end of
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the weekend in the southeast. again the fire still the big news out there in idaho. and it does look like better for the firefighters today, a little cooler, more humidity. they need the help. >> bill, thank you very much. coming up, morning joe. ted cruz's canadian citizenship and his 2016 chances and what he plans to do about it. and when we come back here, well huddle around the cooler. david letterman knows what a-rod was thinking after he got hit by a pitch on sunday and he has a top ten list for all of us. [ male announcer ] if she keeps serving up sneezes... [ sneezing ] she may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec®. powerful allergy relief for adults and kids six years and older. zyrtec®. love the air.
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this was all over tweter yesterday about that the white house announcing a new four legged addition to the first fami family. sunny, born in michigan in june of 2012. two dogs in the white house. if you want to sound smart, you can tell your friends sunny was also the name of ted kennedy's be loved pet of the same breed. kennedy gave bo to the first family as a gift shortly after president obama took office. animals have been a staple in the homes of the first families for a long time.
2:53 am
president truman had a cocker-spaniel. linden johnson owned several beagles during his time. two of his dogs caused a bit of a stir when that photo holding her by the ears upset some animal activists. george h.w. bush owned millie who was a springer spaniel. president clinton tried to bring the cat sox into the white house and later joked he had better luck with the palestinians and israelis. and george w. owned two scottish terriers. beasley and barney. so you you need everything you need to know about first dogs. >> thank you very much. it may be one of the most iconic sketches. take a look. >> this bores me. is anyone up for a game of
2:54 am
basketball? >> i learned something. never judge a book by its cover. this cat can ball, man. >> play ball. after it was all over, he took us in the house and served us pancakes. >> still holds up after nearly a decade and apparently prince was a big fan because he's bringing it back to grace the cover of his new single. >> let's check in with david letterman whose top ten list counted down what was going through a-rod's mind as he got hit by a pitch on sunday. >> top ten thoughts going through alex rodriguez mind. number ten, o rod. number nine, hey, my injection arm. number eight, at least the crowd
2:55 am
stopped booing. number seven. now i don't have to strike out. number six. more than anything, that hurt my feelings. number five, i could really go for some popcorn. number four, didn't feel a thing. thank you, steroids. number three, it's like sleeping with madonna. i don't know what that means. number two, i don't get paid enough to take this crap. and the number one thought going through alex rodriguez' mind, i'm going to need a massage. that's what he says right there. >> the a-rod saga continues. now we have to head over to what might be the one movie that actually changed the world this year. that's right, sharknado. it looks like the phenomenon is starting a trend. start out this trailer of shark pool.
2:56 am
>> there's a shark in the pool! >> a shark in the pool. be really careful. i got it. we need to distract it. >> that just might work. >> just don't go in the pool. >> actually that works, too. >> no, it's too hot out. [ bleep ]. >> just don't go in. there's a shark in it. don't go in the pool. >> i don't know about that one. >> that's like you and your buddies. looks like just your friends at the pool. >> i know there was a point in your life that you were afraid to go in those dark pools because of the possibility of sharks. >> i swam across a lake the other day and bumped in to a snapping turtle and freaked out. still ahead, your best and most creative tweets from this picture. we got some good ones for you. and morning joe just moments away. ♪
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because all these whole grains aren't healthy unless you actually eat them ♪ multigrain cheerios. also available in delicious peanut butter. healthy never tasted so sweet. we have some good ones here. some captions to this photo.
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>> matt says free bird. nailed it. he had few good ones. >> put the picture up again, the running of the balls. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ i have not been the recipient of sloppy kisses. and i have met mr. filner on many occasions. there are others who are, but i have never had that opportunity. >> my goodness, wow. and the saga of san diego